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Entocort is the brand name of Budesonide. It come is different forms
➢ Inhaler
➢ Pills
➢ Nasal spray
➢ Rectum forms
The inhaler form used in long term management of asthma and choric obstruction pulmonary disease.
It belongs to class of drug known as corticosteroids. It works to reduces the
➢ Swelling
➢ Irritation
➢ Pain
It prevents the Asthmatic attacks such as
➢ Chest tightness
➢ Wheezing
➢ Trouble in breathing
It works directly to the lungs to make breath easier. It is also anti-inflammatory drug. Entocort is a
steroid drug.
What is Choric obstruction pulmonary disease:-
This disease is actually type of abstraction lungs disease. It is mainly caused by smoking. The more
person smoke the more person will develop COPO.
➢ Shortness of breath
➢ Cough
➢ Mucus
➢ High blood sugar levels
➢ Weight gain
➢ Mood swings
➢ Sleepiness
➢ Acne
➢ High blood pressure
➢ Moon face
➢ Stretch marks
➢ Infections
➢ Heart burning
➢ Headache
➢ Stomach pain
➢ Weaken immunity system
➢ Use the medications with doctor prescription.
➢ Budesonide oral inhalation take twice in a day.
➢ Try to use Budesonide at round same time every day.
➢ Full effects visible after 1-2 week regular use.
➢ Do stop taking this medication suddenly.
➢ Doctor will gradually decrease your dose.
➢ This medicine control the situation but not cure it.
➢ Take this medicine before or after meal.
➢ You can take with an empty stomach.
➢ Try to take it any time in the day and use at same time each day.
➢ While taking this medicine avoid food that are high in fat.
➢ Do not use pregnant and breastfeeding woman’s.
➢ Never take double dose to make up for the Missed dose.
➢ Consult the doctor if the symptoms do not improve.
➢ Avoid alcohol while using this medicine.
➢ If you miss your dose do not take double dose.
Store at room temperature keep away from direct light, moisture and heat. Keep away from
the child and pet.
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