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FML forte:-
Fmlforte is the brand name of Fluorometholone. This medication is actually use to treat eye conditions
due inflammation or injury. It belongs from class of drug known as corticosteroids.
FML Ophthalmic suspension increase the sensitivity to due to steroids.
Fluorometholone relief the eye from
➢ Redness
➢ Swelling
➢ Itching
➢ Irritation
➢ Vision problems
➢ Watery eyes
➢ Rash
Fluorometholone IA an eye drop with steroids and a sulfonamide Antibiotic. Which treats this eye
How to use:-
To apply eye drop, wash your hand first. Shake the bottle well before using. Don’t touch the tip of
drops and any other surface of your eye.
Tilt your back, look at the roof and pull down the lower eyelid to make a pouch.
Place one drop only directly to the eye and then look downward and slowly close your eye for 1-2
mints do not rub you eye. Put one finger on the corner of your eye near nose press gently.
Repeat this with other side of eye.
➢ Dose is depends your medical condition.
➢ Mostly recommend 1 drop regularly.
➢ Continue this medicine with prescription.
➢ Do not stop this medicine without consulting with your doctor.
These side effects happened due to over dose.
➢ Eye pain
➢ Vision problem
➢ Headache
➢ Dizziness
➢ Allergic reactions
➢ Trouble breathing
➢ Use this medicine with the doctor advise.
➢ If you are using any other allergies medicine this medicine might be trouble you.
➢ Do not wear contacts lenses while use this medicine.
➢ Wait 20 mints after the dose of eyes drop before wearing lenses.
➢ Before using this drop wash your hand first.
➢ Shake the bottle before use.
➢ After having a dose do not run your eye.
➢ Do not use this medicine for long period because doing so may increase risks of side effects.
➢ Store at 2-25°c(36°-77°F) temperature keep away from direct light, moisture and heat.
➢ Protect from freezing.
➢ Keep away from the child and pet.
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