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This medicine is used with a healthy balance diet and exercise it control high blood sugar level in
people with type 2 Diabetes.
Glyset is the brand name of miglitol . Glyset also called lowering blood glucose level . It’s diabetes
medication. It belongs to the class of alpha-glucosidase. It is oral diabetes medication. It is used for
Diabetes mellitus type 2 that prevents the digestion of Carbohydrates.
It is used to treat Diabetes type2. Glyset is highly recommended to control sugar level in adults.
➢ Competitively inhibit alpha-gulcosidase in small intestine to delay breakdown of complex
carbohydrates to simple carbohydrates.
➢ When you have Type 2 Diabetes. Your body is less responsive to insulin your cell can not
absorb enough glucose causing it to build up in your blood stream
➢ High blood glucose level over a long period of time can lead serious health complications.
➢ Glyset is best medicine which tells your body to produce insulin.
BENEFITS of glyset:-
➢ Lowering blood glucose level.
➢ Prevent kidney disease.
➢ Maintain Proper control diabetes levels.
➢ Prevent Heart attacks.
➢ Release natural insulin from you body.
➢ Deal nerve problem.
➢ Take this medicine with doctor prescription.
➢ Take this medicine with main meal.
➢ Take this medicine 3 time Daliy regularly for effective results.
➢ Take once daily about the dose Consult with your doctor.
➢ It is a oral administration tablet.
➢ It come in
▪ 5 mg
▪ 50mg
▪ 100mg
➢ Typically recommend for Adults.
➢ Dose is based on your medical conditions.
➢ Diarrhea
➢ Muscles pain
➢ Stomach pain
➢ Gas
➢ Heart burning
➢ Low sugar level
➢ Nausea
➢ Take this medicine before or after breakfast or with you first meal.
➢ You can take with an empty stomach.
➢ Try to take it any time in the day and use at same time each day.
➢ While taking this medicine avoid food that are high in fat.
➢ Not recommend for childrens.
➢ Do not use pregnant and breastfeeding woman’s.
➢ Do not use if you are suffering from liver disease, kidney problems, thyroid disease.
➢ Never take double dose to make up for the Missed dose.
➢ Consult the doctor if the symptoms do not improve.
➢ If you miss your dose do not take double dose.
➢ Store at room temperature keep away from direct light, moisture and heat.
➢ Keep away from the child and pet.
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