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Lasuna :-
Lasuna medicine is manufacture by Himalayan Herbal healthcare company. This medicine is mainly
use for the heart health or wellness.
Himalayan Lasuna tablet is an ayurvedic medicine. Himalayan Lasuna is a pure garlic extract it is
helpful in lowering blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It is a powerful
Antioxidants are substance that prevents or fight with unstable molecules and free radical that
damage the cells and also make the flow of blood difficult. The source of antioxidants can be
natural or artificial.
BENEFITS of Lasuna :-
• Prevent Heart disease
• Remove Veins blockage
• Improve Cardiovascular
• Reduce bad cholesterol
• Rise good cholesterol
• Lowering prevent chest pain
• Make the blood flow in the arteries more smooth.
• Containing antioxidants properties which prevent the damage caused by free radical.
• It also safe the vessel from narrowing.
• It also prevent skin Disorders.
• Affordable price
➢ Garlic
➢ Allium sativun
➢ Dyspepsia
➢ Flatulence
➢ Take this medicine with doctor prescription.
➢ One tablet twice a day.
➢ Moreover, Dose of this medicine depends on the patient’s age, gender and medical history.
➢ Typically recommend for Adults.
This medicine is not likely produce side effects but sometimes
➢ Unpleasant breath
➢ Gas
➢ Nausea
➢ Vomiting
➢ Diarrhea
➢ Take this medicine after meal.
➢ Try to take it any time in the day and use at same time each day.
➢ While taking this medicine avoid food that are high in fat.
➢ Not recommend for childrens.
➢ Do not use pregnant and breastfeeding woman’s.
➢ Do not use if you are suffering from liver disease.
➢ Never take double dose to make up for the Missed dose.
➢ Consult the doctor if the symptoms do not improve.
➢ If you miss your dose do not take double dose.
➢ Store at cool and dry place keep away from direct light, moisture and heat.
➢ Keep away from the child and pet.
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Reassure the security and safety. No third party involves.
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