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Cetirizine is a drug used to treat rhinitis and urticaria. Cetirizine is an antihistamine that reduces the
natural chemical Histamine in the body.
The brand name of cetirizine hydrochloride is Zyrtec. This medicine is use to treat different conditions
of allergies.
➢ Itching
➢ Runny nose
➢ Watery eyes
➢ Sneezing
➢ Hay fever
➢ Hives
➢ Dry Throat
➢ Dust mites
➢ Animals dander
➢ Angioedema
➢ Pollen- induced allergy
➢ Insects bites
➢ Food and drug allergy
Zyrtec is an antihistamine which provide relief within 24 hour from allergic reactions. Cetirizine
drug is belong to the class of medication called second- generation antihistamine.
➢ Relief of symptoms nasal and nannsal associated with seasonal and perennial allergic
➢ Uncomplicated skin manifestations of chronic idiopathic.
➢ Work quickly have the full effect after an a hour.
➢ Beneficial in pregnancy and breastfeeding.
➢ Fight with several kidney decease.
➢ Cetirizine hydrochloride ( HCL).
General facts
➢ Can be taken with or without food.
➢ Can be used by children after 6 month.
➢ Used primary to treat allergic rhinitis.
➢ It decrease the action of histamine of the H1 receptor lowers allergic response to allergs.
➢ Avoid Alcohol consumption as it may Increase Cetirizine effects
➢ Never take Cetirizine with other antihistamine drugs.
➢ Never take double dose to make up for the Missed dose.
➢ Consult the physician if the symptoms do not improve
➢ Adult: 10mg once Daliy
➢ Children:
➢ Use this medicine with doctor prescription.
➢ Not recommend for 2 year old child.
▪ 6- 12 year old: 5mg or 10mg once daily
▪ Over12 year : 10 mg daily
➢ Over 65 year old : 5mg once Daliy.
➢ Drowsiness
➢ Dry mouth
➢ Fatigue
➢ Dizziness
➢ Headache
➢ Stomach pain
➢ Tiredness
➢ Increase heart beat
Store at room temperature keep away from direct light, moisture and heat.
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